Panoramic View of Aalen Landscape


... in the heart of the south of Germany

Aalen – Everything Comes Together

Centrally located in the heart of Eastern Württemberg/Germany, Aalen is the gateway to the Swabian Jurassic Geological region, and only one hour’s drive from Baden-Wuerttemberg’s state capital Stuttgart. In 150 A.D. the largest Roman cavalry fort north of the Alps was located here. The city’s founding in 1240 by Staufer Emperor Frederic II, the declaration of the Imperial Town in 1360, the industrial development in the 19th century, the incorporations in the 1970s – these developments outline the growth of the city’s metropolis with its 67,000 inhabitants and its seven suburbs. Work, quality lifestyle and recreation are tightly linked, which explains why people are happy living here.

In Aalen everything comes together: past and present, culture and history, work and lifestyle, landscapes, places and people in a constellation rarely found elsewhere.