Limes Hiking Trail

Limes historical site in Hüttlingen
Limes historical site in Hüttlingen (© Stadt Aalen)

A large part of the ancient Roman border wall “Limes” crosses the Ostalb district. Baden-Württemberg contains 164 km of the Limes and 62 km of it lie in the Ostalb district, where the Romans have left many traces. Hikers interested in history can follow these traces along the Limes Hiking Trail (classified by the Swabian Mountains Organization as “Main Hiking Trail No. 6”). It guides the hiker through the towns of Halheim, Pfahlheim, Röhlingen, Rainau-Dalkingen, Rainau-Buch and Hüttlingen leading to Böbingen and Schwäbisch Gmünd.

The UNESCO World Heritage Property “Limes” is featured on a new map. This map shows the course of the German Limes Scenic Road, the Limes Hiking Trail, and the Limes Cycling Trail. It indicates the sites where the remains of Roman border strongholds can be seen. The map can be obtained from the Aalen Tourist Information and costs 6.90 Euro.
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