Sieger Köder

Triptych of the St-Stephanus-Church
Triptych of the St-Stephanus-Church (© Stadt Aalen)

Priest and Artist

His works of art signed with the “SK” monogram are no longer only recognized by art “insiders”, and some of his work can be admired in Aalen. The St-Stephanus-Church in Aalen-Wasseralfingen hosts a triptych of Sieger Köder which is glowing with color. He also created his Stations of the Cross in Wasseralfingen. Right across the church square, his relief on the town hall’s bronze front door tells the history of the city. The “Death Dance” window in Ebnat´s funeral hall also bears testimony of his work. Additional great works of this artist can be seen in the area around Ellwangen, in particular in the towns of Hohenberg und Rosenberg.

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