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Geographical Data:

Geographical Location
48°50'13"North, 10°05'40" East (City Hall)

Local time
Minus 19'36" in relation to Central EuropeanTime

Market Place: 430 meters over sea level
Grünenberg Peak: 733 meters over sea level (highest point)
Kocher River: 378 meters over sea level (deepest point)
Aalbäumle Observation Platform: 702 meters over sea level

Telephone Prefixes and Postal Zip Codes


Telephone Prefix
Aalen, Hofen, Unterkochen, Wasseralfingen, Hofherrnweiler, Unterrombach 07361
Dewangen, Fachsenfeld 07366
Ebnat, Waldhausen 07367

Location Postal Code
Aalen 73430, 73431
Ebnat, Waldhausen, Unterkochen 73432
Hofen, Wasseralfingen 73433
Dewangen, Fachsenfeld 73434