Kocher-Jagst Bicycle Trail

Two rivers form the idea for our route, which leads you from the origin of the Kocher River near Aalen in the Ostalb, across the Hohenloher country to the Neckar River – and, if you’d like, following the Jagst River back again.
(© Stadt Aalen)

Having their beginnings only few kilometers from each other, the two rivers, Kocher and Jagst, flow in the same direction and to nearly the same place – near Bad Wimpfen – where they empty into the Neckar. These two rivers will accompany you around 350 kilometers and will entrust to you some of secrets of this region. At an easy-going speed, you will ride through this land of fortresses and castles, vineyards and meadows.

Pretty towns invite you to stay and rest, and cordial hospitality is everywhere. It is the proximity to nature which pushes you - the common experience, the strengthening of body and spirit, attained with your own muscle power - to your distant goal. Sport and fun in one.
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